Getting Started

Looking for an easy way to purchase uniforms and other items that don’t require an industrial laundry service? At, you can customize and order a wide array of high-quality products with your brand’s logo and have your purchases delivered directly to your business.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

1. Register your account.

• When prompted, fill in:

• Your contact email address – this will also be your username for login

• Your Alsco Customer Account ID

• Your local Alsco branch

You can find your Account ID and existing Alsco branch location (see an example here) on your Alsco invoice or statement or ask your Alsco representative.

2. Choose a password and confirm your account settings.

• Enter your contact email address

• Choose a password

• Select your product categories preferences

• Set your shipping address defaults for direct purchases

• Confirm your settings once you’ve entered your preferences If you forget your password, you can always retrieve it by clicking on “Forgot Password.”

3. Start shopping!

• Click the “Shop” link at the top of the site to access your product categories

• Select a product

• Choose “Set Up a New Logo” for your first product order and upload an image of your logo(s). Once a logo is uploaded, it will be available for you to select on future orders.

• Place your order

• Order confirmation, package, and receipt will be delivered to you by

Looking for More Customized Solutions?

Alsco offers a variety of others way to help you save time, money, and effort, including:

1. Customized Company Webstores:

Create a customized and secure company webstore that gives you control over the branding and product selection while eliminating the administrative time and effort of sourcing and tracking transactions.

2. Employee Allowance Management System:

We offer a turn-key solution that automates the process of managing employee allowances, eliminating the hassle of issuing vouchers, collecting receipts, and reimbursing employees while saving you time.

3. Employee Rewards Platform:

Help your employees achieve performance goals and improve their engagement. Our solution makes it easy to launch a great program that requires very little administrative support. Return on investment is virtually immediate with no upfront charges for setting up a program and no monthly fees.

4. Bulk Order Discounts:

We offer great pricing on large volume products from tee shirts to marketing merchandise, and much more on our website or on a custom item on your webstore. Contact us for pricing details.

Need Help?

Whether you need help setting up your account or with one of our customized solutions, we’re happy to help. All you need to do is contact your local Alsco representative or contact one of our support staff at email,